Coffee Productivity

Being someone who cannot stay put, I sometimes to choose to work at cafes. Usually at CBTL or some place where there’s a comfy chair and chill music. Starbucks tends to be on the bottom of my cafe list but each time I go in, I remember why it’s really my “Third Home” too. Their positioning and their customer experience are just working on and for me.

I was at Starbucks – Jupiter branch last Sunday from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. It was a slow day for Starbucks with only five customers. I like the Sunday slowdown. It allows me to think and plan. It’s somewhat similar to meditation.

I took the time to plan for the week, quarter and the coming years. It’s times like these that I get to reflect about my professional and personal life.

I’m trying to use Asana, our new sales / project management tool. It’s okay but I feel like it’s taking me so much administrative time to keep it updated. I’ll see if I can keep up with it. I still like taking down (detailed) notes on my notebook, and now I really have to make a choice to either do both OR just to stick to Asana.

I was successful in planning and even allotted some time for my Coursera course.


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